Fergutec provides consultancy, design, engineering and construction in vacuum technology, vacuum systems, vacuum processes, quality improvements and control.
Fergutec offers retrofit, upgrade and modification possibilites for existing deposition and vacuum systems. A system retrofit or upgrade of your existing system offers you a cost effective alternative to a new system and saves you from changing a proven process. Fergutec is the supplier of quadrupole mass spectrometer (residual) gas analysis systems. We offer a standard program and tailored solutions. Available as desktop, portable, 19inch rack, movable cabinet and desk models.
Fergutec has official exclusive cooperations with superior and internationally respected manufacturers of innovative key system components and equipment. Fergutec exclusively supplies the innovative CleanTent, CleanCube, CleanHood and CleanShower concepts. These solutions provide a cost effective, compact clean room class environment. These patented concepts fulfill the need in temporary clean room space, clean storage facilities and support for on-site services for which a dust or particle free environment is required
Fergutec designs and supplies new and refurbished thin film deposition systems, vacuum ovens and furnaces and specials. Flexible multi-technique system configurations, tailored to your application and budget. Fergutec supplies sputter targets, evaporation materials, backing plates and bonding services for your demanding thin film deposition applications and processes. Via exclusive strategic cooperations we offer a wide range of materials and services at very competative rates.
Fergutec provides maintenance, commissioning, repair and services for vacuum systems, vacuum pumps, pumping systems and equipment. In addition we provide on-site leak detection, residual gas analysis and emission/exhaust measurements to your vacuum systems and processes. Fergutec provides vacuum courses, trainings and instructions, tailored to the situation at your company; demands, equipment and personnel. Increasement of efficiency, commitment and discipline.